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Well about Kara I would have to say this about her she's the most reliable honest trustworthy dedicated person I know. I'm a firefighter that works 24 hour shifts and single and being a dog owner sometimes its difficult to always be there for my dog. So knowing Kara she makes it very easy for me to keep my dog by walking him and also her excellent taxi service that she provides to take him to the kennel for me. Also her knowledge in animals also a a big plus I am blessed to have her as a dog walker and thats truth.

George S.
​Kara has been watching our dogs for eight years now. Kara is dependable and can be trusted. Two of our babies have passed away, but we still have our Nancy. Nancy is now 14 years old and requires a delicate touch. Kara is sweet and loving. Elizabeth and I schedule our vacations around Kara's availability we trust her so much.

Chris H.
Kara has been our pet sitter for many years. Kara is reliable and loves all of our animals and they are always so excited to see her coming. Kara is always willing to go above and beyond and has taken care of all of our loving dogs and puppies over the years to include an English bulldog, Jack Russell Terriers and a loving garden variety rescue. We consider her a part of our extended family. I would highly recommend Kara as a pet sitter, house sitter, plant sitter. Kara has come to our rescue several times when a family emergency has come up and we needed someone right away. 

Pam S.
"I want people walking away knowing that these services are about quality: CARING, one-on-one focus on details to fufill each individual's distinctive pet care needs and letting their animal's uniquely amazing personalities shine, as is; building trust, reliability, and the simplicity and ease of use of services that comes with that mindset. I want to connect not only with my animal friends, but also with my clients, and leave them with a feeling of relaxation and luxury in knowing I'll be treating their fur kiddos with the utmost care and love that all animals deserve and the same comfy care and attention that they lovingly give them every day.

Please read the wonderfuls reviews below! I was heartwarmed to recieve them. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed! Thank you for your business and I'd also like truly to thank you on behalf of all small businesses for supporting one as well, its hard for us little guys to be found sometimes, but sometimes less is more, except when it comes to distracted snuggle time of furries I may stay slightly longer than planned sometimes. I hope you don't mind ;) "

~Kara Founder Midday Mission Pet Care Established 2014
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Loudoun County Virginia
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