Got long hours at work? Who will take the dog out?


You pick a length of visit (on navigation bar under prices) and a general time of day you want me to show up at your home and I come walk your dog(s) and give them fresh water, love, treats, and whatever food and/or medications they need.

How will I know when you arrived and left and what happened while you were there at my home?

 I'm happy to report that with every pet care job, I have a "Daily Pet Checklist" with notes that fill you in on what was done and any fyi type or funny news that happened that day with your fur babies while you were at work to put you at ease with what to expect and a timeframe to expect us to arrive to your home within, so that you have peace of mind and your pets have a set routine. I love seeing faces at the window waiting! Brings joy to my heart and the animals are so excited it's "that time of day" to get out and about with someone who will pamper them.

Who is going to watch my babies while I go out of town?


Usually anywhere from 3-4 visits spread throughout the day for dogs. Cats usually only need 1 to 2. Choose how many visits and the length of visits, and I can make them throughout the day. Another option is to go with overnights.. You decide!! Overnights with dogs include a walk upon arrival and before departure in the morning, so midday visits are needed for households with dogs. I follow whatever your pet's usual routine is providing food water lots of love and litter changing. Free Pet Sitting bonuses include: bringing in mail, alternating lights and watering plants.

Do you include the "Daily Pet Checklist" with pet sitting assignments as well so I can see what went on with my fur kiddos?

Absolutely! Yes, "Daily Pet Checklists" are always filled out for you and if you prefer text and photo updates while you are away I'm happy to keep you updated in real time! I know it's not easy going away and finding a new sitter but you'll find it to be a wonderful experience you'll utilize time and again. Please call with any questions and I'm happy to answer them.

Who will care for my fish, reptilian and other furry friends? 

I also have experience with all kinds of different animals outside of the feline and K9 variety! I'm an animal lover of all kinds and don't discriminate. When I was a kid I remember thinking it'd be so fun to be a zoo keeper. I'm always open and excited and happily learning more!

What about farm animals?

NOT YET BUT I'D LOVE TO LEARN! HORSES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! If any local farmhands want to take me under their wing I'd be thrilled to add to my professional repertoire!